Subjective Reviews

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I would like to get better at writing.

Technically, there are two ways to become better at writing. The other one is to read more.

I used to read a lot more. I don’t know why I’ve almost stopped but it might have to do with having to read so much for work that I just don’t have the energy to do it again when I finally get home. Even if I didn’t read all day, I have a family and a young daughter that I happily spend the rest of my time with. So reading ends up very low on my list of things to do any given day.

My work takes me away from my family regularly. While away, I still don’t read much. I just try to work a little extra. In order to make the trip away worthwhile. Instead I’ve started to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I don’t think of audiobooks as reading either. Reading is something else entirely. Even when the information transfer is the same, the medium isn’t. Reading involves holding a book. Fully immersing yourself in it, and giving it all of your attention. Listening to Boyd Gaines read Hemingway’s Death In The Afternoon isn’t the same as reading it. If I read it, I might enjoy it more. I don’t dislike the narration at all, it’s probably more an issue with the seemingly endless lists of matadors, bulls, and Spanish cities that is unsuitable for a car ride.

So, I’ll try to write instead. And hopefully get better than this drivel.